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Journey to Agile with Scrum Masters

Journey to Agile with Scrum Masters

A large insurance company needed to switch to an agile process to manage its complex product development.

This meant the organization had to switch from a project-oriented to one consisting of agile cross-functional teams. The team’s starting point was Scrum, and the new Scrum Masters had a background as project managers.

My task was to help the project managers and the new teams to transition into their new roles.

During the first 4 months, I helped the new teams and the newly assigned Scrum Masters with:

  • Introduces the teams to Agile and Scrum
  • Starting their first Scrum events and building a well-structured product backlog together with their Product owner
  • Coached the new Scrum Masters with a focus on the difference between the Project manager role and the Scrum Master role
  • Established a shared Community of Practices for the Scrum Masters to accelerate the onboarding and continuous Scrum Master development
  • Training for their new Product Owners

For the business, the result was

  • Teams had an agile foundation that enabled them to accelerate their improvement as a team
  • The Scrum Master role was not only clearly defined, but the new Scrum Masters also adopted it
  • The complexity of the products was handled by the team and not outside, resulting in better and more efficient solutions
  • Better results in their Scaled agile setup as teams were aligned with Scrum and Agile

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