Implementing Agile at scale

The company had many projects and initiatives that exceeded deadlines and budgets. This made it clear that the planning process and prioritization of all the projects needed improvement and transparency.

As a team of 4 Agile coaches, we established a scalable, agile framework inspired by SAFe but explicitly tailored to the company’s unique requirements and constraints. In close collaboration with three other agile coaches, we designed the foundation for the Agile setup and established essential practices such as PI (Program Increment) planning. This planning ensured a unified and clear prioritization of all features in the backlog, allowing us to visualize dependencies and identify bottlenecks.

Planning and implementing large-scale solutions with many dependencies between teams required a setup where the dependencies were visualized and effectively managed among agile teams. This challenge is common in large companies, yet the implementation and practices needed are emergent and tailored to the specific context. We introduce practices for managing the dependencies across the teams and identifying and handling risk.

Additionally, I provided extensive training and coaching to Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Product Managers to ensure the effective implementation of these practices and to enhance overall agility within the organization.